Gregg M. Fishbein

LGNers help judge MN Urban Debate League Championship

LGN Attorneys and Law Clerks volunteered as judges at the Minnesota Urban Debate League’s All-Conference Championship for the MNUDL’s Middle School Program Northeast Conference on March 20, 2019. The tournament was the end of the season championship for middle school debaters from Battle Creek Middle School, Hazel Park Middle School, Capitol Hill Gifted and Talented Magnet, Ramsey Middle School, Murray Middle School, and Laura Jeffrey Academy.

LGN Partner Gregg Fishbein and Associate Kate Baxter-Kauf both serve on the Minnesota Urban Debate League’s Advisory Board. The MNUDL is a program of Augsburg University which provides resources and programming to support competitive academic debate in Twin Cities high schools and middle schools. The mission of MNUDL is to empower students through competitive academic debate to become engaged learners, critical thinkers, and active global citizens who are effective advocates for themselves and their communities. Currently, MNUDL serves more than 900 students at 39 partner schools and has seen sustained growth in student participation since its inception in 2004.

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Nine LGN Attorneys served as Reader mentors at Folwell Performing Arts Magnet School

During the school year, nine LGN attorneys have served as Reader mentors to 7th and 8th Grade Student Writers at Folwell Performing Arts Magnet School in Minneapolis. Each week students wrote essays on assigned topics which were mailed to mentors to read and provide feedback. Having a specific dedicated audience for their writing proved invaluable in motivating the students to work on and improve their writing. Students, teachers, mentors, and program coordinators gathered to meet and celebrate the program’s school year success. For over 40%, English is not their primary language. Approximately 90% of the student population has diverse ethnic backgrounds. LGN Partner Heidi Silton will serve on the Reader/Writer Board beginning Fall of 2018. You can learn more about Reader/Writer at

Pictured from left to right are LGN attorneys Gregg Fishbein and Heidi Silton, Ryan VanThorre, 8th grade Language Arts teacher, Angela Dwyer, Special Education Teacher, LGN attorneys Kristen Marttila, David Zoll, and Elizabeth Odette; Lia Venchi, Reader/Writer Facilitator and Founder, Zoe Odegard, Reader/Writer Assistant Processor. Not pictured, Stacey Crews, 7th grade Language Arts teacher, […]

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Gregg Fishbein speaks on panel for HCBA Civil Litigation and Business and Securities Litigation Sections

LGN Partner Gregg Fishbein participated on the panel discussion “Words of Wisdom: Lessons Learned and Practice Pointers from the Bar and Bench,” on September 28. He shared insights from more than 20 years litigating on behalf of shareholders in federal and state court with the Hennepin County Bar Association Civil Litigation and Business and Securities Litigation Section.

Fishbein is pictured with his other panel members, Tom Berndt of Robins Kaplan, Alain Baudry of Kutak Rock, and Hennepin County District Court Judges Mel Dickstein and Tom Fraser.

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Minnesota Supreme Court agrees with LGN, shareholders in Medtronic-Covidien tax inversion lawsuit

The Minnesota Supreme Court unanimously decided Wednesday that shareholders challenging the Medtronic-Covidien tax inversion could assert direct claims against Medtronic. Vern Vander Weide and Gregg Fishbein, along with Richard Lockridge and Kate Baxter-Kauf, represent the shareholders who are alleging that the inversion caused them to incur significant capital gains taxes and diluted their corporate ownership. The case will now go back to the Hennepin County District Court for further pre-trial proceedings.

View opinion here.

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