Absentee Voting for Minnesota’s Primary Election – What You Need to Know

This is the first full week of no-excuse absentee voting for the Minnesota’s primary election, which is scheduled for Tuesday, August 11.

When multiple candidates of the same political party file to run for the same office, a primary election is needed to decide which candidate will appear as the party candidate for that office on the November ballot. For non-partisan races, such as county commissioner, primaries are needed to narrow the choices to two candidates for the November ballot in situations where there are three or more candidates running for a particular office.
While the ballot will contain candidates for both the DFL and Republican primaries, voters must only vote in one party’s primary. If you vote for candidates in both parties’ primaries, your ballot will be rejected.

Due to heightened concern regarding in-person voting due to COVID-19, the state is encouraging Minnesotans to use no-excuse absentee voting for both the primary […]

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