LGN Federal Relations Policy Brief: Federal Budget

Congressional leaders and the White House announced a budget deal at the end of July to raise federal spending limits for fiscal years 2020 and 2021 and outlined an informal agreement to avoid partisan policy riders, clearing a path for action on fiscal 2020 appropriations this fall. The Senate passed the budget bill by a vote of 67-28 after the House passed the same measure by a vote of 284-149. The two-year budget deal sets top-line spending levels, but Congress still needs to approve a package of 12 appropriations bills, or pass a temporary funding extension, to avoid a government shutdown when current funding expires at the end of this month.

Lawmakers will be returning on Monday, September 9th from their annual summer recess and will be turning immediately to the formidable task of funding the government by the end of the month. This leaves just three full legislative workweeks for […]