Heidi Silton Speaks at Lunch & Learn Series, Sponsored by the American Antitrust Institute

Heidi Silton spoke with Kellie Lerner, Liz Castillo and Dan Gustafson about how to move an antitrust case forward once it is filed.  This is part of the Lunch and Learn Series sponsored by the American Antitrust Institute.  The goal of the Lunch and Learn Series is to provide practical litigation strategies and best practices tailored for both new and experienced lawyers seeking to enhance their fundamental skills.  

For more information, or to join future Lunch and Learn programs, visit: https://www.antitrustinstitute.org/event/virtual-cle-lunch-learn-now-i-filed-my-complaint-what-can-i-do-as-i-wait-for-the-inevitable-motion-to-dismiss/