Ramsey County Family Sponsorship Program

LGN GIVES BACK – Family Sponsorship Program

This past holiday season, LGN proudly continued its tradition of participating in Ramsey County’s Family Sponsorship Program. Through this program, community sponsors are paired with individuals and families in need. Sponsors have the unique privilege of personally selecting and wrapping gifts for their matched families.

This year, LGN, along with 320 other sponsors, contributed to making the holidays more joyous for a total of 1,795 individuals across 454 families who receive social services.

A special thank you to our dedicated wrapping crew: Barb, Kelly, Heather, and Amber for helping ensure beautiful gifts were delivered to our selected family!

You can learn more and see how you can get involved for 2024 at: https://www.ramseycounty.us/…/holiday-sponsorship-program