Copper Press Pipe Fittings Antitrust Litigation


In Spring 2019, the antitrust team at Lockridge Grindal Nauen, along with other firms filed complaints on behalf of indirect purchasers of Viega copper press pipe fittings alleging anticompetitive conduct by Viega. Copper press fittings are used in plumbing, heating, and cooling. Viega sells its copper press fittings almost exclusively through wholesale distributors under the brand name ProPress®, and the fittings are available in multiple configurations and diameters.


On behalf of our clients we allege that beginning around January 29, 2015, Viega, a manufacturer of copper press pipe fittings, created barriers to entry for potential competitors by coercing wholesalers not to purchase copper press fittings from competitors by threatening to withhold availability of other Viega products.

Were you affected?
You may have overpaid, if you purchased Viega’s copper press fittings via a wholesale distributor for plumbing, heating, and cooling use, in either commercial or residential projects.


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