Fragrance Antitrust Litigation


In June 2023, Lockridge Grindal Nauen filed an antitrust class action on behalf of our clients and a proposed class alleging that the world’s largest fragrance manufacturers colluded to entered into an unlawful agreement to increased prices charged to Plaintiff and the Proposed Class for Fragrances. Here, Fragrances are defined as chemical or aroma compounds that are added to consumer goods to impart a pleasant order to the finished product and deliver a pleasant experience to the end user.


The fragrance producers named as defendants in this case are Firmenich SA, Firmenich Incorporated, Agilex Flavors & Fragrance, Inc., Givaudan SA, Givaudan Fragrances Corporation, Givaudan Roure (United States) Inc., Ungerer &Company, Inc., Custom Essence Incorporated, and International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. (“IFF”), Symrise AG, and Symrise Inc.

Plaintiff alleges that beginning no later than 2018, the defendant Fragrance producers secretly coordinated with each other on their pricing policy for customers, allocated certain customers, and coordinated supply restraints for Fragrances with the purpose and effect of increasing prices charged to Plaintiff and the Proposed Class for Fragrances.

Were you affected by the alleged Fragrance conspiracy?

If you purchased Fragrance between 2018 forward from any of the above companies or their subsidiaries, you may have overpaid.


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