David W. Asp

LGN Partner David Asp serves on faculty for Minnesota CLE seminar titled “Federal Litigation Strategies for Immigration Lawyers”

LGN Partner David Asp will serve on the faculty for an afternoon seminar presented by Minnesota CLE entitled “Federal Litigation Strategies for Immigration Lawyers.” As one of five faculty members, Asp will present to an audience consisting primarily of immigration attorneys on strategies for challenging immigration decisions through federal-court litigation. Based on his experience litigating cases in federal court, Asp will discuss how federal litigation may be an effective method for employers to challenging erroneous business-related decisions by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The course will include discussion of remedies available to businesses challenging immigration determinations, as well as litigation strategies for prevailing in federal court.

Information regarding the seminar is available here.

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LGN’s employment law team preps and serves meals at St. Stephens

LGN attorneys and staff, including the firm’s employment law team, took part in the firm’s 40440 community service initiative last week when they partnered with St. Stephen’s Human Services to prepare and serve a meal at a local shelter in Minneapolis.

LGN Partner Susan Ellingstad, who also serves on the board of St. Stephens, along with David Asp, Anna Horning Nygren, Rachel Kitze Collins, Jennifer Jacobs, Heather Potteiger, Samantha Girard, Stephen Owen, Rick Linsk, and Sherri Juell all took part in the service project.

Since the 1960s, St. Stephens has worked to offer programs supporting the poor and homeless in the Twin Cities. In the last year alone they have served over 1,918 adults and 651 families, providing shelter, housing support, and other services to those in need.

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LGN Partner David Asp taught a two-day seminar on the topic “Addressing the Opioid Crisis in Indian Country”

LGN Partner David Asp taught a two-day seminar on the topic “Addressing the Opioid Crisis in Indian Country” last week. The seminar, designed by Asp, focused on multiple aspects of the opioid crisis that affect tribal communities, including unique issues relating to tribal health care entities and programs addressing the crisis, litigation regarding the opioid crisis, and increased focused on the opioid crisis by federal prosecutors and regulators. The two-day seminar was sponsored by the Fallmouth Institute, and attended by tribal leaders from across the United States.

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