Our intellectual property team offers patent, trademark, and copyright services to entrepreneurs and creative professionals. Whether developing new brands, technologies, or artistic works, our attorneys protect those innovations, allowing our clients to focus on the creative ideas that drive their work. We can help safeguard the distinctiveness and marketability of your most unique assets.


  • Investigation and clearance of proposed trademarks; applications to register trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; administrative proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
  • Enforcement and assignment of patent rights; representation of inventors and patent holders in patent infringement litigation
  • Cease and desist correspondence with trademark and copyright infringers; enforcement of trademark and copyright interests, including takedown notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act; negotiation of licenses, releases, and coexistence agreements
  • Representation of intellectual property holders in copyright and trademark infringement litigation; assistance to trademark or copyright holders seeking injunctive relief against infringers
  • Transactions relating to copyrighted works, including film, music, literary works, photography, and other artistic properties; representation of artists and/or publishers in negotiations relating to copyright transactions