Lockridge Grindal Nauen Opening Doors to All in July

Lockridge Grindal Nauen announced it’s fully opening its downtown Minneapolis office on July 6. The firm mandated Covid-19 vaccinations for employees — with some exemptions for medical or religious reasons, but despite those everyone at the firm already has at least one shot, according to Susan Ellingstad, a partner with the firm who’s spearheaded its Covid-19 response efforts.

By the end of June, the firm expects everyone will have had at least two weeks since their second vaccine shot.

Employees who have childcare issues can still work remotely and even after the pandemic subsides. But most of the firm’s employees will be in a hybrid model where they can work a day or two each week at home.

“The way we have outlined it, we’ve realized people can work pretty efficiently from home,” Ellingstad said. “We’re gonna leave it up to department heads to decide what’s workable for our practice areas.”

How the firm handles visitors is still being worked out.

The firm occupies the top floor, about 26,000 square feet, of the Washington Square building on the edge of downtown. Some clear plastic plexiglass will remain in the firm’s office space, especially in the lobby area. The building also installed new air filters to help combat the spread of Covid-19.

Ellingstad added that crime issues downtown have been a concern, but executives at the firm think the worst of it is over.

Lockridge is the 19th-largest law firm in the Twin Cities, with more than 50 attorneys.

This post originally appeared in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.