LGN partner Susan Ellingstad will be presenting at the 2021 Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute on Monday, May 24thaddressing Hiring 101 – What Can Companies Do and Say?

Susan will cover such topics as: What can companies do and say when posting job positions, recruiting and screening job applicants, and interviewing individuals for a job? How can employers ask for the information they need about a candidate without violating state and federal discrimination laws?  Can they review applicant social media posts?  If so, how far can they go?  What about pre-employment background checks?  What are an employer’s obligations once a hiring decision is made?  And what are the risks of hiring remotely as many employers have done during COVID? The hiring process is fraught with legal risks and you don’t want to miss this session.

Register here: https://www.minncle.org/seminar/2033212101