LGN partner Robert K. Shelquist and the experienced LGN Products Liability & Consumer Fraud team have litigated and tried scores of products liability and consumer fraud cases in state and federal district and appellate courts across the country.

Rob Shelquist has represented homeowners, condominium owners, townhome owners, and commercial interests in litigation concerning defective construction products and issues related to warranties and consumer protection. He has been appointed to leadership positions in Multidistrict Litigation directed to shingles, siding, windows, trim, decking, and weatherproofing materials for wood and concrete. Over the course of his career, these cases have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for building owners across America and, in several of the cases, were coordinated with litigation in Canada.

Rob Shelquist has represented farmers in numerous cases regarding GMO seed traits, pricing of herbicide and insecticide products, the impact of the release of seeds without government approval and other issues generally impacting farm land. For almost two decades, Mr. Shelquist has had a track record of success involved in both leadership and non-leadership positions obtaining hundreds of millions of dollars of recovery on behalf of farmers by way of trial verdicts and settlements. The first case he handled involved a genetically modified seed which had been approved for ethanol and feed use, but found its way into the food chain. The case resolved for over $100 million on behalf of thousands of farmers. He also represented farmers in pricing cases involving an after-the-fact inclusion of a technology fee for GMO seeds and for the price discrepancy between two herbicides which had been labeled for the exact same uses. More recently, Mr. Shelquist was appointed to leadership positions in both the federal Multidistrict Litigation and the Minnesota state court consolidated proceedings regarding a corn seed which was released without the approval of a key market.

Rob Shelquist and Rebecca Peterson are involved in lawsuits regarding the labeling of pet food products and the health of pets who are exposed to contaminates. Cases on file and being investigated include: wet dog food, dry dog food, dog treats, wet cat food, dry cat food, and cat treats. Additionally, Ms. Peterson has been very active in the animal rescue community and consults on issues related to rescue adoption and fostering, animal cruelty, and advocating for saving animals in shelters.

Our work encompasses claims directed at a diverse range of products, including asbestos products, electrical appliances, industrial accidents, construction products, and construction equipment.

In the closely related area of consumer fraud litigation, the group recently obtained a judgment on behalf of a nationwide class of farmer-consumers in excess of $60 million. Currently, among other matters, we are actively involved in products liability actions against some of the largest construction companies in the world.

Our attorneys, paralegals and support staff litigate as a team effectively, aggressively and efficiently and have earned a national reputation for work product excellence and effective advocacy.

The Products Liability team has litigated a comprehensive and diverse range of complex property damage and personal injury claims involving dangerous or defective products. Several of these cases have involved damages claims in excess of $100 million. We have tried several such cases to verdict in both federal and state courts throughout the country.

Our experienced trial lawyers have earned a national reputation and have been appointed by Courts to serve in numerous positions of leadership in national litigation.
The firm recently resolved a series of personal injury claims on behalf of numerous plaintiffs and their families who were exposed to toxic releases from an industrial explosion at a major federal installation. These federal court lawsuits involved sophisticated expert opinions from numerous authorities in such areas as radiological cytogenetic testing, dispersion analysis, volatile chemical interactions in certain pressurized conditions, psychiatric diagnoses of post-traumatic-stress-disorder and other psychological disorders, and other unusual aspects of the conditions and results of the accident.

The Lockridge Grindal Nauen Products Liability Team recently obtained a favorable verdict, after a four week trial, producing a $60 million judgment against a major ag-chemical company in a national consumer fraud action involving agricultural herbicides. That matter is finally resolved after multiple favorable unanimous opinions to date from the Minnesota Court of Appeals and Minnesota State Supreme Court.