Generative AI Announced as New Practice Area at LGN

Generative AI

LGN is proud to announce a new Generative AI litigation practice area to address the legal complexities surrounding this groundbreaking technology.

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has quickly become a widely used technology. But the deployment of GenAI has led to issues concerning the compensation of creators, such as artists and authors, for the creative work that feeds the models powering GenAI. LGN is at the forefront of litigation on behalf of creators to seek fair compensation for the use of their work.

LGN’s Generative AI lawyers believe in responsible GenAI development and use, and strive to set a precedent for ethical practices within the legal framework of Generative AI. We recognize the need for a nuanced approach to Generative AI legal services and are dedicated to navigating the intricate legal landscape of Generative AI. We advocate for a diverse array of clients, including individual artists, writers, and corporations facing these emerging challenges. We help our clients navigate the intricacies of copyright law, entertainment law, antitrust law, and other areas of law implicated by the development and use of GenAI.

LGN’s GenAI team includes Brian Clark, Laura Matson, Arielle Wagner, Eura Chang, and Kate Baxter-Kauf. For more information on our current cases and to explore how LGN can assist you in the GenAI landscape, please visit our practice page by clicking below.