North Dakota Government Relations

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Lockridge Grindal Nauen is unique among Midwest-based lobbying firms due to our expertise serving clients with business interests that cross state lines. With strong, long-term, personal connections with lawmakers and agency staff our team members collaborate to offer our clients comprehensive services from Minneapolis to Bismarck and beyond.

Along with our strategic partner, Synergetic Endeavors, LGN is proud to partner with a wide range of business clients to elevate their public profile and political footprint in North Dakota. We have a reputation for being knowledgeable, trustworthy, and politically savvy. Through our sizeable team with broad-based political affiliations, we have developed a vast network of long-term, personal connections with leaders at all levels of government.

Our clients include national Fortune 100 corporations with business interests in multiple states, regulated utilities, local businesses, trade associations, and non-profit organizations. Our skilled government relations professionals help our clients communicate their message, engage stakeholders, and achieve their public-sector goals from the capitol to city hall and across state government agencies.

Businesses large and small, trade associations, local governments, and non-profit organizations must be prepared to quickly and positively influence the legislative process in North Dakota, whether through engagement in the state’s active interim committee process or during the biennial legislative session.

Whether proactively pursuing your legislative agenda, actively defending against harmful legislation, or engaging in prudent legislative monitoring of committees with jurisdiction over issues that matter to your organization, LGN can provide a comprehensive suite of services to meet your organization’s needs.

We are adept at quickly analyzing legislation for clients to react promptly. Rapid analysis of legislation is vital, and we excel at it. Our North Dakota state government relations team has the capacity to provide saturated coverage of committee hearing, floor sessions, and commission meetings throughout the legislative session, allowing us to become aware of any developments that impact our clients immediately.

In addition to direct legislative engagement, our government relations and regulatory affairs team is well-respected within the governor’s office and among executive branch leaders in state agencies. Our team can help your organization navigate complex regulatory issues with a wide array of state departments and local governments.

Additionally, the LGN North Dakota Government Relations team has substantial experience collaborating with businesses engaged in procurement efforts, both before, during, and after an RFP is issued. As your partner on the ground we can work with you to unlock public sector opportunities and support your business development goals within state, county, and city governments.

Our North Dakota team also has extensive experience working with trade associations on issues outside of the capitol ranging from convention and event planning to member development, affiliates and sponsorships, board staffing and governance, as well as PAC management.