MN Radiological Society Day at the Capitol

MN Radiological Society

The LGN Government Relations team was pleased to host the Minnesota Radiological Society (MRS) during their Day at the Capitol. MRS is an organization with 500 members and works to advocate for healthcare legislation on topics such as imaging, mammography access, and scope of practice policy. This event allowed MRS members the unique opportunity to interact directly with state legislators, discussing their roles as physicians in the practice of radiology and highlighting the challenges they face in our healthcare system. The goal of the MRS Day at the Capitol is to improve lawmakers’ understanding of MRS legislative priorities and facilitate meaningful conversations about issues impacting physicians in this field of medicine.

Emily J. Tranter

Cullen Sheehan

Cullen D. Sheehan

Kevin J. Matzek

Kevin J. Matzek

Jess Lindeen

Jessica E. Lindeen

Daniel Larson

Daniel G. Larson

Amos Briggs

Amos A. Briggs