Twin Cities Diversity in Practice Connect – Leftover Litigators Take First

Twin Cities Diversity in Practice Connect

Congratulations to LGN partner, Kate Baxter-Kauf, former LGN law clerk, Madeleine Kim, and the Leftover Litigators for getting the highest score in the first round of scoring for Twin Cities Diversity in Practice Connect!

TCDIP Connect is a guided 7-month small-group mentoring program that purposefully brings together attorneys and law school students of color with the goal of developing authentic professional interconnectedness.

Over the past scoring cycle, the Leftover Litigators (one of 11 TCDIP Connect teams) bonded through team-building activities and monthly meetups. Consistent small group meetings provide a safe space for sharing experiences and building relationships. Group interactions also earn points!  By getting to know attorneys through the Leftover Litigators, law students and early career attorneys feel increasingly more confident to present themselves on bigger stages.

The Leftover Litigators intentionally choose discussion topics. Conversations during meetups cover a spectrum of topics, from discussions around linguistic profiling, which have heightened awareness regarding language’s impact in the legal field, to personal motivations like competitive drive to resilience in the face of challenges. Attorneys in the Leftover Litigators have found TCDIP Connect to be a resounding success. The diversity of perspective—in terms of race, age, gender, and practice type—makes for lively discussion. Through TCDIP Connect, the Leftover Litigators have built a space where members learn from each other.

LGN is proud to have many of our team involved with the Twin Cities Diversity in Practice organization.

  • LGN partner, Heidi Silton, is a founding member of the TCDIP Connect program.
  • LGN associate, Arielle Wagner, is the current treasurer for the TCDIP Board of Directors and sits on the executive committee.
  • LGN partner, David Asp, is LGN’s member representative.
  • LGN associate, Steve Owen, is LGN’s Emerging Leaders group representative.
  • LGN partners, Karen Hanson Riebel and Kate Baxter-Kauf, are TCDIP Connect mentors.

You can read more about TCDIP Connect by clicking below!